• Sell products that are small – USPS Flat Rate for $5.60 and schedule free pickups.
  • Use eBay Bucks and EBATES to increase earnings.
  • An hour per day to update inventory and fulfill orders.
  • Business License and Tax ID are required to show wholesalers.


Introducing the course Selling on Amazon

Learn a simple & effective strategy for selling on Amazon.

Learn from someone who is doing what they are teaching! 

This is not theory, everything you will learn in this course I have done and continue to do so you can be assured it works.

See how I make money selling on Amazon and then duplicate the same steps to create a successful Amazon business. 

Based on my successes, I let you look over my shoulder as I explore my own Amazon account, showing you precisely what I do.

So different than other courses – Unlike other courses about this same subject, I have walked the walk. I have done and continue to do what I am teaching. This is not some rehashed cookie cutter content. 

You will WATCH OVER MY SHOULDER as I show you STEP BY STEP how to create a thriving business selling on Amazon JUST LIKE I HAVE DONE! 

This Selling on Amazon course is not just boring lectures with no substance. You will gain access to a complete STEP BY STEP guide to starting and building a successful side Amazon business.

Every step is shown right on the screen!Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to know what products to sell.
  • Pay for products upfront and in full to be able to leverage patience and self discipline to be able to maximize your return of investment on your assets.
  • Watch case studies to see which products sell and what doesn’t.


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